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Welcome to our #KRSGK E-Goalkeeping Learning System!

Our #KRSGK E-Goalkeeping Series is a 4-part online learning program, with each online class focusing on new themes and topics surrounding the goalkeeper position- where we will discuss and analyze examples highlighting realistic situations from the professional and/or collegiate game.


Our E-Goalkeeping Series is designed to elevate goalkeeper's tactical knowledge and provide them with tips and techniques that will present a more systematic approach to their development.


These interactive online classes give us the opportunity to look beyond the technical aspect and explore other key areas of the goalkeeping position. Goalkeepers will be presented with essential tools that will aid them in their journey to becoming a more well-rounded and confident goalkeeper.


How Does it Work?

- Our #KRSGK E-Goalkeeping Online Program is a 4-Part Pre-Recorded Series

- The entire online program can be accessed immediately upon purchase

- All online classes can be viewed on our members only page along with the follow along study guide and description for each class

- Pro Members will have unlimited access to all online class recordings for up to 30 days from the date of purchase

PRO MEMBERS Have Unlimited Access to the Entire #KRSGK E-Goalkeeping Online Program 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Pro Package


Unlimited Access to Online Classes + Study Guide
Valid for 4 Weeks
- Access to 4 Online Goalkeeper Classes
- Online Class Protection
- Members Only Access Page
- Follow Along Study Guide

Elite Package

Access to 2 Online Classes
Valid for 2 Week
- Access to 2 Online Goalkeeper Classes
- Follow Along Study Guide



Book Individual Online Classes As You Go

  • I Purchased the Pro Package- How do I Access my Account?
    To access your membership account, go to the "Log In" icon located on the top left corner of our website. You will be asked to enter your username and password that you created when purchasing your package. Once you sign in, select the "Members" tab, located at the top of the page. Here you will select the "Member Access" button to redirect you to our Members Only Page- this is where you will have access to the online class schedule, class recordings, and class study guides.
  • How Long Do I Have Access to the Online Program For?
    With the Purchase of the Pro Package all Members have access to all 4 pre-recorded classes for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • I Purchased an Elite Package, Can I Upgrade to a Pro Package?"
    Yes! Message us to receive a package upgrade!
  • I Purchased the Elite Package, How Long Do I Have Access to My Classes For?"
    All Elite Package Members Have Access to their Online Classes for a Total of 14 Days from the Date of Purchase.
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