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Week 1
#KRSGK E-Goalkeeping

Building Out the Back: We will discuss and analyze building out the back scenarios: what distribution method should be used and when, how to be positioned to receive a pass back, staying composed, and dictating the tempo of the game.

Week 2
#KRSGK E-Goalkeeping

Communication-In & Out of Possession: We will discuss and analyze a variety of live examples- showcasing common situations that occur throughout a game that require goalkeepers to communicate and provide their backline with direction. Goalkeepers  will learn how to translate what they see into productive and efficient commands. 

Week 3
#KRSGK E-Goalkeeping

1v1's: We will discuss the different phases of 1v1's while analyzing a variety of live situations to show goalkeepers; how to manage the space behind the backline, how to approach the save, how to be positioned depending on the situation, and what is the best save selection based on the different varieties of 1v1 scenarios. 

Week 4
#KRSGK E-Goalkeeping

Defending Set Pieces: We will analyze a variety of "dead ball" scenarios with live examples from the professional and/or collegiate game. We will discuss how the goalkeeper should manage certain situations depending on where the ball is located, where to be positioned, save selection, and what to do after the save.

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