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"My daughter has grown SO much as a keeper not only skill wise but knowledge of the game."


How It Works

Record a game, with the video focusing not only on you the goalkeeper but your entire defense. Pick 30 minutes from that game with plenty of action and send it to KRS through our email, youtube, or if you have the pleasure of being local you can give it to us directly.

KRS Analysis

After receiving your footage, KRS will create an in depth report analyzing your technique, positioning, defensive organization and an overall review of your performance. The report will include photos from your game highlighting strengths and areas that need improvement. In order to help you achieve a higher level of success, KRS will provide you with training suggestions and drills for your  personal needs. 

For goalkeepers the game moves at a very fast pace which at times makes it difficult for them to see important details on the field. Video analysis helps goalkeepers recognize areas which need improvement such as technical skills, positioning and communication with the field players.

To achieve repeated success goalkeepers must understand and recognize what they have done that has either made them successful or unsuccessful.

KRS is now offering a video analysis assessment as a tool to help goalkeepers gain that competitive edge all of us are looking for. Once KRS has reviewed the video, we will then provide you with a detailed review of the goalkeepers performance. Not only will this enhance tactical knowledge of the game, but it will assist the goalkeeper in developing better technique and improving their overall decision making on the field.​

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